Visual Pictures/Images


white powder was largely used to apply onto the face

cochineal mixed with beeswax was used to make lipstick

donkey milk was used as a facial cleansing product

bear grease was a popular base for rouge and skin cream


rhubarb elixir was a fragrant used to get rid of body odor
(rhubarb plant is shown above)

molasses water was also used to eliminate bad odorous body smells

washerwomen washed a plethora of dishcloths, table cloths, diapers, etc. as their jobs

Hair Care

rhubarb juice was used as a hair tonic and lightener

natron was ground into powder and used to wash hair

vetch was used to wash hair in hot water

myrtle berry used to kill the “itch-mites” in hair

Dental Care

white wine used to rinse a woman’s mouth after a meal

parsley herbs were chewed on for fresh and minty breath after a meal


napkin pads were used to hold and soak in the menstrual blood for women

suppository was served as a “tampon” during the Renaissance

cheese cloth, along with gauze, was used to assemble pads


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